Move To Portugal provides a range of services so you can make a secure investment in Portugal. We are a problem solver and provide turn key solutions either if you are considering living, working or investing in Portugal.

  • Briefing: Assessment of customer needs, work plan and priorities definition. 
  • Initial Research: This service includes information, articles and visits to places of your choice in Portugal, in order to provide answers to customer concerns about the investment potential, community and  lifestyles.
  • Fiscal, legal and social consultancy: Reports and meetings with experts to clarify the legal and social issues with local communities and other residents or investors.
  • Personalized trip planning: From hiring a driver to route or meeting suggestions.

The first two services -Assessment and Initial Research- have no cost to the customer.

The fiscal, legal and social consultancy needs to be budgeted, but standard service starts at 450 euros.

The personalized trip planning will be budgeted to customer needs.


Rentals and Sales
  • Buy/Rent decision Support: These service includes an accurate selection, guided tours, objective checklist for decision, negotiation, legal and fiscal support to the Investment Decision

In Portugal, this service provided is traditionally paid by the seller, but included in the transaction value. With us, our client can choose:

  1. (more tradiconal option) incorporate the cost of service in property value and charged to the property owner
  2. assume, as a buyer, the payment of a commission in the amount of 5% of the final price of the property by the service provided by Move To Portugal, thus ensuring complete independence and wider scope in the market search.  
  • Sale Support: Promotion of properties for sale in major Portuguese Language markets, Europe, Latin America and in the United States, negotiation and closing the deal.Includes also managing the entire sales process, legal and fiscal framework of the sales process.

The promotion in target markets is led by MovetoPortugal and sale and lease management  process is guaranteed by an authorized a mediator and will cost represent 5% of the transaction*.

*plus taxes


Follow up
  • Installation Kit: Hiring and water connection, electricity, telephone, Internet and insurance
  • Social Integration Kit: Research and selection of schools, gymnasiums and other activities
  • Professional Kit Integration: Career guidance and labor market integration
  • Visa and other legal and tax optimization consultancy: Legal / taxation and emmigration issues to safeguard the clients interests in the portuguese territory.
  • Property Management: Management of the entire promotion/renting process, receiving guests, payments and maintaining properties for lease.
  • Service providers selection management : Contracting and management of service providers from housekeeping, construction, minor repairs, gardening, workshops, etc.
  • Investment Management: Investment projects management in order to safeguard client interests in the country since the evaluation and control of the operation to the interim management company / fund.

This list does not end here, simply leave us your contact the service you want and we seek in the market the best professionals and assure us that the results are the that requested.