Living / working in Portugal

Living / working in Portugal


Enjoy living, Studying or working in Portugal !


There are several reasons why Portugal continues to deserve the choice of international markets (See why Portugal...). If you choose Portugal to live, work or study now or in the future, Move to Portugal will guide you through the all process, starting by giving you the insight about the country, Economic indicators, characteristics of the regions, Art and Culture, Entertainment, Food, Wine, History, traditions, etc.

The decision to work/study in Portugal necessarily brings along a connection to the country and a need to be part of a geographic space and its culture, but usually for a shorter time. The decision to live in Portugal in the immediate or as a retirement destination carries a greater involvement and more investment in the relationship with the country.

On one or another case, Move to Portugal is prepared to meet the clients needs. We realize there are numerous issues facing those who want to live/work/study in Portugal in the short or long term, whether temporarily or not. Aware of the difficulties inherent to the dispersed and sometimes complex process that comes along with the decision to live in Portugal, the host consultant Move to Portugal, will monitor and respond to customer needs and issues that arise, namely:

  • Legal residence
  • Options for tax optimization
  • Concierge services
  • Personalized travel planning for business/research in the country and / or tourism
  • Search and selection of home to buy or rent (neighborhoods characterization)
  • Negotiation and purchasing processes of registration (home buying guide)
  • Hiring service providers from the workshop of the car to decoration and shopping assistance
  • Support seeking employment or educational establishment
  • Social integration: Choosing colleges, gyms, activities and communities
  • Meetings with families of the same nationality living in Portuga
  • Meetinh with Portuguese families in the area of residence/influence

These are some of the many questions that we ensure but it does not end here. Our host Consultant will realize other customer needs and search the market for the solution. MovetoPortugal will make change process aesy and pleasent.

Taking into account our knowledge of the market and the country, we make a first study in the area or region of interest. Contact us know for more information.