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Products and Services

Livingin works in partnership with clients to search the market for solutions tailored to each one's profile, based on trust, confidentiality, and exclusivity in the services it provides. Our offer is by nature developed with each client and maintained in a restricted circuit of investors who trust our work. Exceptionally, as a product of the ongoing business with our clients, we have investment proposals that we put on the market for private or institutional investors, whose offer we can qualify in 4 segments with different objectives:

  1. Term Value: Properties with potential for appreciation to rehabilitate and resell or for income

  2. Short-term income: Rehabilitated properties with guaranteed income or with income/rental potential

  3. Appreciation or income in the medium or long term: Properties to be rehabilitated with outdated rents and lifetime lease contracts with values ​​between 50 and 75% of their current value vacant

  4. Property exploration business: Assignment of exploration of 10-year contracts for the operation of buildings for income

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